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    San Vicente Elementary Shool was founded in the year 1922 at a lot situation at the Shouthern part of Barangay San Vicente,San Pablo City. The said property was former owned by Mr.Flaviano Alidio,a native of San Antonio I San Pablo City.Later through the joint, effort of the Parent Teacher Association of year 1924 together with Mr. Edong Alver Bario Captain of San Antonio I , the said property was sold for a considerable amount of P300.00 from the owner.

  The first school building wich was constracted in 1924 was Gabaldon Type and it served 25 pupils Grade I-III under 2 teachers. Now San Vicente Elem. School is now complete elementary with 9 school building with 532 pupils, 13 teachers and 1 utility worker under the supervision of school principal.

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