San Vicente Elementary School
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  B. School Profile

   1. School Type-Complete Elementary School
   2. Personnel Profile

Name of Teachers Position Grade Subject Handled Assignment No. of years in Service
1. Edsel Joy U. Chozas T-1 I-A All Subjects Adviser 1 1/2
2. Catherine C. Callanta T-1 I-B All Subjects Adviser 7
3.Ma.Theresa Rubico T-II II-A All Subjects Adviser 15
4.Norma Ignacio T-II II-b All Subjects Adviser 13
5.Erna Gahito T-II III-A English,Fil. Science School Treasurer 15
6.Harold Beladas T-I III-B Math,Makabayan,Science,E.P Adviser 3
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