Ms. Jenilyn G. Biglete- PDFs' Teacher of the Month

Teacher is a profession not just an ambition. Nobody will become a doctor, an engineer, policeman, or an architect with out them. They are the person who give knowledge and learning to their student.They are the heroes that save the future of new generation.

Ms. Jenilyn Biglete was born on November 10, 1987 in Angeles, Pampanga. Her parent's are Ganie Biglete and Janet Biglete and she has one brother named Jeferson Biglete. Her Alma Mater schools are San Pablo Central School when she was in Elementary, Laguna State Polytechnic University  when she was in High School and Laguna College of Education when she's in College. She 's one of the teacher in Prudencia D. Fule Memorial National High School and her major subject is Science particularly Chemistry and Physics. She is not just a teacher, she's also a friend, a student, and a sister to her collegues. As a teacher she is devoted and hardworking. A kind hearted sister and daughter to her family. A trustworthy and helpful friend to her collegues and students as well.

She gives a great impact in changing the lives of her students. She is easy to be with, she's very passionate and very serious when it comes to teaching.

1. What is your goal in life?

My goal in life is to be a productive individual. I always want to learn something new. I don't want to be a stagnant learner. I am a type of person who wants to achieve more, striving for more is what I want because I believe that I could be someone better than I am now.

2. Achievements (Elem-College)

When I was in elementary, I was awarded as the model Pupil of the year. During high school, I was a very shy ordinary student. I had good grades and I was on of the honors then. But because of my being timid, nervous and no courage or confidence in myself, I didn't involve myself to various extra curricular activities. And this was the reason why I only got the first honorable mention in the graduation day. I was full of regrets during that time. If only I had the courage to join different extra curricular activities, maybe I would receive higher than that recognition.

When I was a college student, it was the time that I opened myself to different opportunities. I joined various organizations and activities. I also gave more time and focus in my studies. There was a time that I only had 1 hour of sleep or none at all because of studying/reviewing for the examinations. All of my efforts and hardships were being appreciated and had fruitful result. During my college graduation, I was awarded as the outstanding practice teacher of the year, recipient of Manuel Villar Excellence Award and the highest recognition given, being the Magna Cum Laude of Batch 2008.

3.Is that teaching interest you?

Teaching is my passion. I really want to teach and share my knowledge to others. It's a fulfilling feeling for me to help other individuals in their intellectual, spiritual and emotional development.

4.Describe yourself

I am a simple girl with extra ordinary dreams. I have a strong faith in God. As a daughter, I'm obedient. Whatever they say, I follow because I don't want to be their problem. I'm very close to my family and I'm willing to give up everything for my family.

As a friend, I'm a homebuddy person, quiet and most of the time serious but my being “makulit” comes out when I', very close to someone. I'm easy to get along with. You can count on me in good and bad times.

As a lover: “Maria Clara of the new generation”, that's what my old friends called me because of my being conservative. But whenever I'm in love, I can do crazy things for love. I always want to be appreciated. I become insanely jealous, angry and bitter when someone is trying to take my love away from me. I love surprises and I love making surprises for my special someone.

As a student, I'm very industrious and I always want to achieve more.

As a professional, I always want to make best things out of everything. I have a good attitude towards work. I want to strive more for my professional growth.

5.What is your big mistake in life?

I can't think of the biggest mistake in my life, because I believe that God always has a reason for everything. God has a plan for all of us. Whatever happens has a purpose and that is for us to be better individuals.

6.Most unforgettable moment

When my teachers in college announced that I was the Magna Cum Laude, because I didn't expect that I would get the highest recognition. There were lots of intelligent students from other courses or departments and I was the one who got the highest academic grade. With God, nothing is impossible

7. Why did you chose science as a major subject?

Because science is my favorite subject. I am interested to discover, explore and learn factual knowledge.

8. Who is your inspiration in life?

My family is the first on my list. My parents are my reason why I'm very determined to do things. The people around me who believe in my capabilities that I can do more also serve as my inspiration. They inspire me a lot. They are my lucky charms behind my achievements in life.

Messages to Ms. Jenilyn Biglete

We shall forever uphold the knowledge that you share to us in this road of life.”

by: Benny Chumacera

You catched our heart in a way you teach us. Making your subject as the easy one.”

by: Malen Cervas

Ma'am jen is a very loving, caring, and supporting teacher and can be considered as a sister to students. Her pretty face make each and every morning merrier!!!”

by: Joker Madayag

She makes all atom of my body excited when she teach us chemistry”

by: Vanesssa Belen

A good friend and teacher”

by: John Marco Alcaria


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