Joker Madayag: An Epitome of a True Prudencian Leader

Joker Constantino Madayag was born in MCU FDTMF Hospital EDSA, Caloocan City on September 22, 1995. He is the middle child among the three children of Mrs. Rose Malco Constantino and Mr.Alberto Madayag. Presently, they live in Brgy. San Nicolas, San Pablo City Laguna.

At a very young age, he is considered a model student in Prudencia D. Fule Memorial National High School. He is not only the Class President of IV-Zeus, Citizen's Army Training(CAT) officer but also the president of Supreme Student Government    (SSG). As a leader, he always spearheaded various activities and projects. He took time to planned them well and executed it successfully. He also knows how to handle his officers and members.

     Here are the activities and projects that Joker did in school in cooperation with other clubs such as Science Club, Social Studies Club, Filipino Club, English Club, Math Club, M.A.P.E.H Club and Wi-Fi Club: Proper Waste Segregation, Magalang Campaign, Community Services in San Nicolas and other barangays.

     He also brought pride to school. He was the Team Leader of PDFMNHS during the Division Science Camp held at San Bartolome National High School and they bagged Over- all First Place . He became an outstanding student because of his potential in different field of studies. Currently, he is the First Honors during the First Grading Period.

Here are some feedbacks of Joker's teachers and friends:

Joker is blessed with gifts that do not cost a cent. This wonderful gifts are his talents, abilities and leadership that contribute much to his wholesome image.”      -Vilma Antinero

Joker Madayag is a silent type person/student. Yet he never hesitate to participate and be involve in student activities. Reliable, bright and resilient. These traits of a certified PRUDENCIAN's who always make us proud.”                                                     -Donny Aris Malvar

A role model to other students. He exemplifies what a true blooded prudencians is, hardworking, intelligent, industrious and dicipline. He is the type of student that every teacher wants to have to. A man of a few words, but able to impluenced a lot.”  -Jowel Meer

Joker Madayag is one serious person in the outside but a loving and cheerful friend in the inside. He has a potential being a successful someone in the future for he possess positive qualities which enable him to reach his dream. He also has a soul to help other people shown in his leadership skills in school.”                                              -Hannah T. Toledo

Joker Madayag is really a model student. He is very trustworthy, responsible, honest and very diligent. He is the type of student who never gives up and has a strong determination to do things. I believe that he will have a bright future because of the characteristics he possesses.”                                                                                                                 -Jenilyn G. Biglete

To my dear student Joker Madayag I urge you to move forward and achieve even more, for the betterment of your own life and for greater good. Truth your determination and sense of purpose, you will succeed.”                                                                                          -Lorna C. Villela

Joker is a responsible student, work without being told, silent but intelligent.”

                                                                                                                            -Mrs. Antonia Villanueva

We are not under estimating his abilities to do wonderful and excellent things to his life. We wish that you will improved much best on your studies and to your personal life. Anyway we want you to expirience having a girlfriend as soon as possible. Keep up the good work. We love you !”                                                                                                         -IV-Zeus

Now that we know more about Joker Madayag, we know why he is deserving for being a model student.

"Life is an easy thing, choose what do you want to be and do not regret at all.”


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