The school rules and regulations are designed to state clearly the boundaries of acceptable conduct in school and in society. Enforcement of school rules and regulations are done with the intention of teaching the students to uphold certain standards of behavior.

Attire and Grooming for Girls

  1. The uniform and grooming for girls must conform to the schools standards.

  2. Girls with long hair must tie it up neatly with black, dark blue or dark brown hair accessories.

  3. Dyeing or highlighting of hair is not allowed

  4. Blouse must be buttoned up at all times.

  5. All students are to wear plain black school shoes.

Attire and Grooming for Boys
  1. The uniform and grooming for girls must conform to the schools standards.

  2. Outlandish hairstyles are not allowed.

  3. No dyeing or highlighting of hair.

  4. Face must be clean shaved.

  5. Sideburns, mustache and beard are not allowed.

  6. Shirts must be buttoned up neatly at all times.

  7. Only black school shoes are allowed.

General Conduct

  1. Be polite and refined in manners at all times.

  2. Proper decorum should be maintained at all times.

  3. Be respectful of and obedient to school staff regardless of circumstances.

  4. Be courteous, considerate and show care and concern towards others – e.g. students are not to use vulgar or crude language, threaten, bully, annoy or hurt others regardless of circumstance.

  5. Students are to greet the school staff and visitors.

  6. Take good care of school property and premises and use them with proper authorization.

  7. Demonstrate a sense of civic-mindedness.

  8. Students are requested to be quiet and orderly during all school events – e.g. assembly period, performances and celebrations.


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