''SSG Makes it Happen'' was this year's theme in the celebration of the NLTSGO.

     The leadership training for student leaders all over the country, also known as the ''National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers(NLTSGO)'' was held only last November 4-9, 2011 at Baguio Teachers Camp, Baguio City. This event was participated by over five-thousand student deligates from different regions, divisions and schools throughout the Philippine archipelago. This annual occasion is done to orient, implement and practice the youth leaders in conducting different programs , projects and activities(PPAs) and to enhance and train their leadership skills. This also highlighted different guests and speakres which gave inspirational messages and shows their special talents that inspired and entertained both students and teacher advisers and division superintendents.

     At day 0, November 4(Friday) was the registration and billeting of students and teachers in the secretariat at the Quezon Hall. It is followed by the Executive sessions for NFSSG(National Federation of Supreme Student Government) candidates for NFSSG Election Preliminaries with the former NFSSG Officers held at Baguio Country Club. After this, the students and teachers took their dinner at the Abada, Albert and Quezon Hall. Mr. Joey G. Pelaez, the CSCA(Center for Students And Co-Curricullar Affairs) Executive Director, and the one who made this event possible, discussed the Rules and Regulations for the Orientation Program, followed by an entertainment presentation to welcome the socials with Mr. Gab Valenciano(ASAP Artist) who danced and sung who made the students and teachers follow the beat, also with Talentado Hall of Famers''Makatang Gala'';''Beatbox'';and the ''Acrobats'' that showed their fantastic and amazing talents that made them win the stated talent search on T.V.

     At day 1, November 5(Saturday) was started with a breakfast at the three cited halls. This days topic is mostly about''Possibilities and Potentials.'' The opening ceremony was started by a welcome remarks by Baguio City Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan; a keynote address from DepEd Undersecretary Yolanda S. Quijano; and a special performance from Talentado Hall of Famer Joseph''the Artist''Valerio. Again, DepEd Undersecretary Yolanda S. Quijano awards the SSG's PPAs. Next, President and CEO, Solid Group of Companies, Mr. David S. Lim lead a plenary session with students group who discussed''Being Politically Incorect: Finding One's Niche, Doing It Right and Make It Happen''.This is all done at Benitez hall and Parking Lot Tent. The synchronized plenary session of students and advisers group lead by Presidential Communications Operations Office, Undersecretary Jose Mari Oquinena who discussed''Towards Our New Philippines: Can We Really Make It Happen?'' at the Romulo Hall. After this sessions, the deligates took their lunch. It is followed by a synchronized plenary session(students and teachers group) lead by Councilor, University Student Council, UP Manila, Mr Benralph S. Yu, former NFSSG President S.Y. 2007-2008, discussed about the''Student Government Programs and with CSCA Executive Director, Mr. Joey G. Pelaez discussed about the''Mandated Programs, Projects and Activities of SSG'' at Benitez Hall and Baguio City NHS. It is followed again by synchronized plenary session of both students and advisers with ATENEO Consultants for Organization Development and Empowerment(CODE) for Course Introduction and Orientation at Benitez Hall and Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist, DTI Phillippine Trade Training Center, Ms. Maria Joey L. Urmeneta, who discussed''Setting Up an Effective PPA Monitiring and Evaluation System for SSG Advisers'' at Baguio City NHS Auditorium. After this sessions, the deligates took their dinner at around 5:30 pm. It is followedby Youth Interaction with the topic''Youth Speak Introduction of Candidates for NFSSG Election with the guests Enrique Gil and Morissette Amon with a special performance of Joseph ''the Artist'' Valerio at Benitez Hall and Parking Lot Tent.

     In the following day, November 6(Sunday) was started with a breakfast at around 6:00 am at the respective halls. This day mostly tackled about Goals and Challenges. A synchronized plenary session of students and teachers with a topic''Upgrading Basic Education: The K to 12 Program Initiative'' discussed by consultant of Department of Education, Dr. Paraluman R. Giron at Benitez Hall and representative, A Teacher Partylist, Honorable Mariano U. Piamonte at Baguio City NHS, respectively. A topic''A Return of Integrity: Reaffirming our Commitment to Nation Building'' by Associate Principal for Formation, Ateneo High School, Fr. Jboy Gonzales, SJ at Benitez Hall and''Uplifting One's Dignity And Dicency by President. MyHouse, Mr Beda T. Manalac at Baguio City NHS Auditorium. Luncch at around 12:00 noon. After this, Breakout Sessions for students group lead by the ATENEO CODE. The students are divided into groups as follows: Group A(Benitez Hall), Group B(Quezon Hall Up), Group C(Parking Lot Tent), Group D(Romulo Hall), Group E(QuiRino Hall), and Group F(NEAP). The consecutive breakout sessions for teachers as Group G at Baguio City NHS lead by Founding Director, Multiple Intelligence Approach, Ms. Mary Joy C. Abaquin with a topic''Maximizing The Leadership Potentials of the Students: The Multiple Intelligence Approach'' and Head, Office of Student Services, UP Manila College Of Arts and Sciences, MS. Andrea B Martinez who discussed''Upgrading the Skills of SSG Advisers to Achieve the PPAs'' at Baguio City NHS Auditorium. Breakout sessions are interactive workshops to train the ability and leadership skills of both students and teachers. Dinner at around 5:30 pm.After this, The Miting de Avance and Final Presentation of NFSSG Candidates and Parties. The Candidates of NFSSG are as follows without exact arrangement: Jyka Reego Hipona(CAR); Ma. Theresa Sanchez(CARAGA); Janica Liz De Guzman(Region XI); Hexelsa Joy Nunez(Region VIII); Fritzie Mae Faller(Region VII); Hannah Angelica Macalintal(Region IV-B); Kristin Hernan(Region IV-A); Zyjazz De Guzman(Region 1); Arenz Jade Docdocil(Region XII); Robert Jayson Uy(Region X); Ralph Vincent Agustin(Region IX); Ezekiel Bayoneta(Region VI); Franco Hilotin(Region V); Ariel Paulo Vinuya(Region III); Mico Mallillin(Region II); and Alexander Layos II(NCR)

     At Day 3, November 7(Monday) was started with a breakfast at around 6:00 am. This session is mostly about Opportunities and Sthrengths. It is also the Election of National Federation Of Supreme Student Government Officers at Quezon Hall. It was started by a plenary session(students group) lead by consultant/trainer, Arete Philippines, Atty. Marc F.B. Castrodes at Benitez Hall, consecutive sessions (students and teachers group) lead by Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines Association(TOBSPA) with a topic''Building and Sustaining the Spirit of Volunteerism(The Heart Enables) at Benitez Hall and Baguio City NHS Auditorium, then Advisers group lead by Consultant, Trainer , Atty. Marc F.B. Castrodes with the topic''Concensus Building as Tool for Effective Leadership''. Lunch at around 12:00 noon. After this, breakout sessions for students and teachers group, lead by Ateneo CODE consecutively with President/Ceo Ciriaco Consulting, Mr. Raymond C. Ciriaco who discussed''Finding Your Voice, Discovering Your Vocation: Enabling Greatness in Individuals and Organizations'' followed by Fr. Jboy Gonzales SJ(Associate Principal for Formation, Ateneo High School at Baguio City NHS Auditorium, respectively. Dinner at around 5:30 pm. It is followed by a message from chairman, Kabayan Noli de Castro Foundation, Inc., Atty. Jesse H.T. Andres who discussed''Program Launching and Kabayan Ten Outstanding Public Schools Students Awards'' and the Presentation of Incoming NFSSG Officers, Speech of Outgoing and Incoming NFSSG Pesident with special guests: Jay-R(singer(, Krista Kleiner(Binibining Pilipinas 2010), Nyoy Volante(singer), and singer Top Suzara held at Benitez Hall and Parking Lot Tent.

     And the last day of the training, November 8(Tuesday) is mostly about Strategies and Actions. A plenary session(students group) lead by the President of Train Station, Ms. Carelle Mangsliag, and also with the teachers group discussed about''Upholding Truth in Leadership” that really gives each and everyone alive and inspired to continue living how hard life is by always saying “amazing” also a session of both students and teachers with a book author Motivation speaker who discussed about “Getting Your Stake Holder to Follow” that gaves humor to everyone lunch at 12:00 noon. After this, breakout sessions for students group lead by the Ateneo COPE and teacher's group lead by Former NFSSG Officers who ndiscussed Action Planning on the Mandated PPAs of SSGs at different halls and at Baguio City NHS Auditorium, respectively. Also, the distribution of Certificate in teachers. Dinner at around 5:30 p.m at three halls. After this, the Closing Ceremonies, Oath Taking and Awarding of Winners for the Art Eskwela and Voices of Leader. Fortunately, Fritzie Mae Faller from Region VII. Division of Talisay City won as the NFSSG President. And also, this is the official End of the Socialization with special guest of the night, Sam Concepcion(depED-CSCA Spokesperson) and Tippy Dos Santos (Actress/Singer) at Benitez hall.

    The Next day, day 5 November 9(Wednesday) was the breakfast and homeward bound of the teachers and student Leaders.


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