By Vanessa G. Belen

Engineers, doctors, professors, scientists, accountants, lawyers, businessmen, architects ― all of these are some of the most respected people in our society. They are looked up with pride and honor because of the high education that they have fulfilled. But going back from the beginning, how did they achieved such success?

“A little learning is a dangerous thing.” This quotation tells us that learning is everything. But not all the things that we need to know can be learned by ourselves alone. Most of the things that we need to know in life are needed to be taught to us by those who already know them, those who have already passed those roads of sufferings and joy, of pain and love, of smiles and tears ― by our teachers.

           Prudencia D. Fule Memorial National High School is an educational institution located at the heart of Brgy. San Nicolas, San Pablo City. To all the Prudencians who were caressed by thy Alma Mater's open arms, this school a home of learning and love.

            In here, many memories of laughter and tears have been made. But of all the wonderful things in this school, there's only one thing which had been an inspiration to many, a person who taught us lessons that touched our hearts ― our principal, Mrs. Antonia Villanueva.

            Mrs. Villanueva, also known as “Ma'am V”, is a woman of few words. Most students don't like her that much, maybe because she is serious-looking most of the time.

            She hates any kind of mess: pieces of paper and plastics everywhere, unswept floors, dusty rooms and the uncleaned faucet. She would rather clean it up herself than let the lazy students do the work. She don't like unbearable noise, shouting along the corridors, too loud musics and those students who act like animals when their teachers are out. She makes sure that things would go properly as they should. That's what she's like for most students.

             But because most people judge her as 'the strict principal', only a few knows the TRUE her. Eventhough she seems to be grouchy when she scolds naughty students, she has a golden heart inside. She values honest hard work and cleanliness all the time. The reason why she always tell students to clean and to keep that cleanliness is that she wants to have a clean and safe environment for everyone. To those who don't know, she possesses the qualities of a loving mother. She doesn't mind other people's opinons about what she does as long a s she knows that she is right. Although serious most of the times, she has a good sense of humor and is a good conversationalist. She had experienced the ups and downs of life, which made her stronger and more independent. And most of all, despite the challenges of life, she never failed to have trust in God. To her, God should be prioritized because He never let us down.

            She has been a loving mother, a helpful citizen and a great leader to us all. Because of the different things that she had taught to us, we have become better Prudencians. Because she has contributed a lot in making this institution rise at its best, raising the Prudencia's pride at the top, all of us Prudencians, with our heads held high, are proudly choosing her as “OUR TEACHER: OUR HERO”!


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