The SCIENCE MODERN ASSOCIATION TOWARDS TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTAL REHABILITATION CLUB or "Sci-Matter Club", one of the most popular organizations in Prudencia D. Fule Memorial National High School consisting of seventeen officers and is headed by three science teachers namely Ms. Jennilyn Biglete, Mr. Jowel Meer and Mr. Donny Aris Malvar has been chosen to be featured this month of October for being at its best.

Their mission is to apply the principles and theories in science together with the skills in technology in student's everyday life, assuring a better tomorrow. Their vision is to uplift the science proficiency of students and harbor interest in knowledge development for the protection of the environment.

     Last October, the Science Club officers conducted different contests in relation to the Science Month Celebration. Each event made the students bonded and united with their classmates and friends. The highlight of the celebration was the Science Camp which they dominated in every competition. They won 5 gold medals as the highest pointers in the Interative Workshop, earning the honor of being the Over -All Champion for the Science Camp 2011.

     In every success, there's always an inspiration. They were inspired because of the determination they have gained from the past competitions. The Sci-Matter Club Officers leaves an inspirational quotation to all: "Success takes place when preparation meets opportunity".


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