The BEST Tourist Destination that San Pablo City would proudly offer is its famous "SEVEN LAKES." Strategically located at the center of the city, these lakes have been continuously giving pride to us. Known to be inhabited by various aquatic resources, such number of natural treasures can be considered rarely present in a city like San Pablo.

     Truly, we can find no other destinations in our country being gifted as such."The Seven Lakes of San Pablo City" therefore includes Sampaloc Lake,Pandin Lake, Palakpakin Lake, Bunot Lake, Mohicap Lake, Yambo Lake and Calibato Lake.They are all located few minutes away from each other giving the tourists the pleasure of witnessing their true beauty one after another.


<      Among the seven majestic lakes of San Pablo, Sampaloc Lake is perhaps the most popular. It is sunk in a shallow depression of which revealing its volcanic origin. Covered by five barangays namely Brgy. IV-A, Brgy. IV-C, Brgy. V-A, Brgy. Concepcion and Brgy. San Lucas I. It has a maximum depth of 27 meters, 14,100 cu. m. volume of water and a surface area of 104.0 hectares. Sampaloc Lake is blessed with tilapia, dalag, ayungin, bangus, carpa, catfish, dulong and varied species of shrimp. Today, a lot of civic organization, through the years, built mini parks around the lake where on its highest point the Dona Leonilla park is situated.


<      Bounty with different kinds of fishes such as tilapia,carpa, gurami, big head, bangus, hipon, bitoo and kuhol ayungin. This lake has a total surface area of 14.5 hectares, maximum depth of 30 meters and an approximate of 2,000 cu. m. volume of water in storage. It has a distance of 5.6 kilometers form the city proper and is situated at Brgy. San Buenaventura. Lake Mohicap is one of San Pablo's main suppliers of water resources to this day.


<      It has a distance of 6.7 kilometers from the city proper located at Brgy. San Lorenzo. With a maximum depth of 38 meters, approximately 5,800 cu. m. volume of water in storage. This lake is adjacent to Lake Pandin and was known as "Magkasintahang Lawa" as legends say so. Yambo Lake is sanctuary of various kinds of fish and other species such as tilapia, carpa, hito gurami, big head, bangus, hipon, bitoo and kuhol ayungin.


<     It is covered by two (2) barangays namely Barangay San Lorenzo and Barangay Sto. Angel. Lake Pandin has 6.3 kms. Distance from the city proper, 62 meters maximum depth, an approximately of 6,600 cu. m. volume of water in storage and 20.5 hectares surface area. Teemed with lots of tilapia, hito, dalag, bangus, carpa, big head, hipon, dulong, bakuli, bitoo, kuhol, yapyap, gurami and ayungin.


<     Covered by two (2) Barangays namely, Brgy. San Lorenzo and Brgy. Dolores, lake Palakpakin has a distance of 4.3 kilometers. Produces various fishers and other species such as tilapia, bangus, dalag, hito, gurami, ayungin, carpa, hipon, big head, bakuli, bitoo, kuhol, dulong, and tahong.


<     A crater lake situated in Brgy. Sto. Angel. It has a distance of 6.4 kms. Away from the city proper, 156 meters maximum depth making it the deepest lake among the seven lakes, 29,600 cu. m. volume of water and 42 hectares surface area. The lake is rich with various fishes and other species like tilapia, carpa, hito, dalag, gurami, big heads, bangus, hipon bitoo and kuhul ayungin.


<     Situated in Brgy. Concepcion, Lake Bunot has a distance of 2.2 kilometers from the city proper, 23 meters maximum depth, an approximate of 3,500 cu. m. volume of water and 30.5 hectares surface area. It is known for cultured tilapia and fish pens of nilotica fingerlings.